Factory Made High Quality Zipper Hoodie Fleece Fabric for Men

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HDM-009  Factory Made High Quality Zipper Hoodie Fleece Fabric for Men
Components 65% Cotton,35% Polyester
Weight 280gsm
Waterproof N/A
Windproof Yes
MOQ 1000pcs

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Size Data

Regular Size Chart for reference

Size Length Shoulder Bust Sleeve length
S 27 17.5 20 24.5
M 28.5 18.6 21.5 25
L 29.5 20 23 25.5
XL 30.5 21.2 24.5 26
XXL 32 22.5 26 26.5

Production Information

Factory Made High Quality Zipper Hoodie Fleece Fabric for Men

A thick hoodie with a zipper and a hat for men and women under soft material.

65% cotton, 35% polyester, single jersey with Fleece, Long Rib sleeves.

Suit for streetwear, sports wear, and our daily dress.

Fabric Application

This simple zipper hoodie, available in five colors, is perfect for both men and women, but it's also a no-problem couple's outfit.

The hoodie is made of 280g fleece fabric to keep the upper body warm and not bloated. You can choose the patterns and printed on the front echoes the print on the back.

  • How does cotton hoodie lose fluff?

This is a normal phenomenon. Never understand the quality problem. This is a pain point for fabric. Solution: Black itself will be more obvious than other colors, this base clothes wear black, so the feeling of hair will be much less, also won't get other clothes are black hair. I would like to explain from the perspective of clothing, because hoodies/T-shirts are generally knitted with fabric containing cotton, and the fabric is a wool grinding process. Because cotton fabric is made of cotton fiber cloth, cotton fiber is relatively long fiber, and then use the wool process, the fabric feels like a layer of hair (can be understood as scalp long hair, metaphor is inappropriate, help to understand), so that it is more comfortable to touch, cotton long fiber, warmth and comfort relative will be better. If the cotton fabric woven by the wool erosion process does not need the wool grinding process, the wool erosion process is equivalent to the wool of the cotton (the cotton fiber is long) being removed when it is woven (it can be understood that the hair is shaved and cannot be cut off at the root, which is not an appropriate metaphor), then the feeling is very astringent and not so good to the touch. You don't see the cotton kind of fur, so it doesn't fall off as easily, but it looks a little bit less cotton.

Color Match

Gray, white and black are the most widely used colors. Beside those color, any custom color acceptable.
From the first dying processing to finish apparel, we have good controlling system to help manage the order.
A professional management people will following all the procedure till the products were shipped out.


Printing Crafts & Custom Position

When making clothes, embroidery /printing crafts and other techniques are essential.Clients always with their own logo and printing request. We have no problem for those crafts since we have more than 16 years experiences at clothing.

custom position



Custom MOQ

No Logo Min. Order: ≦100pcs
Custom Logo Min.Order: ≧500pcs
Custom Size Min.Order: ≧500pcs/size
Custom Color Min.Order: ≧1000pcs/color

Our Advantages

Nanchang is the one of important city of apparel base which have the completely supply chain system.
The related supporting resources have been very mature and perfect, no matter Whether it's dyeing, printing, embroidery or other related crafts.

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