2lines of Garment hanging assembly line was increased

The economic growth trend of Jiangxi Xiyuan Industrial

Since 2017, the first hang production system of Xiyuan apparel has been in operation, the clothing production capacity has been greatly increased. In order to meet customer and market developing demand, we added two more hanging production lines in March of this year.

Compared with the traditional strapping production line, the floating surplus rate of the garment slapping production line is much smaller. The flexible slapping production management system is adopted, which does not require manual transfer of cutting pieces or semi-finished products, thus reducing a lot of floating surplus time in the production line and effectively avoiding the traditional strapping and moving of workshop equipment. Thus effectively reduce the production line shirt urine number error caused by miss work and chaos of the production line. The use of garment hanging production system, effectively improve the enterprise garment production efficiency.

Meanwhile, Xiyuan has established a perfect management system and production flow. From the first dying processing to finish apparel, we have good controlling system to help manage the order. A professional management people will following all the procedure till the products were shipped out.

Under the two dual effective management system, we believe we can better serve our customers from all over the world.

Velvet fabrics are not really made of velvet, but have a smooth, shiny feel and texture like velvet. According to different uses, different raw materials can be used for weaving. In addition to the silk and rayon mentioned above, different raw materials such as cotton, eye, viscose silk, polyester and nylon can also be used for weaving

How does the hanging line works?
1ST: sewing production hanging line
①hanging station
②Automatic conveyor line for clothing cutting
③Production stations (various sewing stations, ironing, bagging, etc.)
④Hanging line management host machine (workstation allocation, clothing cutting section allocation, sewing statistics, etc.)

2nd:Controlling system performance
① Process division, cutting arrangement
② Scan code identification into the workstation
③ Redundant fault control and priority passage mechanism in the intersection area of automatic lines
④ The anti-blocking mechanism of the cutting coat hanger in operation and the cache detection mechanism during the inbound

3rd: Transmission system parameters
①Transfer speed:16m/min
② Loading:80-100pieces / hanger
③Transfer Hanger:300-500 hangers/hour
④Garment finish speed:400-500units /hour
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Post time: Mar-02-2022